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We make hosting and analytics easy for Webflow users.

Make money by providing your clients with hosting and analytics at smpleyhost.com
Smpley Host provides managed web hosting built for small business owners.
free ssl


99.99% uptime with super fast page loads for all your visitors — no matter where they come from. Plus, free HTTPS and managed SSL certificates on every site.

no coding required


The best part is, we build and setup everything for you. Our typical client, could care less, about our technology stack -- They want something that is reliable, easy to use, easy to look at, and just works.


Host your Webflow static sites (w/ your custom domain name .com) for $5 w/ FREE SSL & CDNsmpleyhost.com

What customers are saying...

"So easy to work with. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend."
"I love not having to deal with hosting."
Peter M.

Straightforward pricing.

monthly plan
No Contracts
  • Managed Hosting
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Global CDN
  • 100GB
  • Free SSL
  • analytics Dashboard
  • 99.99% uptime

We do it for you! No hassle with setting up development environments or dealing with outsourced engineers. We handle the backend, and anything else you need, so you can focus on running your business.

Need additional data, space or services? No problem. You can add more, at any time.


High performance managed web hosting infrastructure to power your site. We'll manage everything so you don't have to.


What is Smpley host?

We're a full-service analytics and managed hosting service, built for small-businesses and agencies.

What analytics are Available?

Our end-to-end solution delivers any data that your business needs, without requiring you to build, learn code or deal with integrations. We offer everything from real-time Google analytics and page speed to social media, Google Ads, search, keywords, custom data, and so much more!

do you handle Hosting & Servers?


Do I need to be technical? 

Nope. We'll handle everything, so you don't have to.

What about SSL certificates? 

Every site you host with us, comes with an automatic SSL certificate, at no additional cost.

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do you White-Label?

Absolutely. Custom white-labeled hosting and dashboards is one of our best features. Display client analytics (unique to each of your customers) through a custom dashboard w/ your name, branding and logo. Built for customization with a Serverless framework.

$5 Static Webflow Hosting

For static Webflow sites (w/no CMS) we provide Free SSL, domain name setup (your .com), global CDN, 100GB, backups, easy deployments. We do it all for you for $5/month.

Do you handle Databases?

Yes. We handle database management, user agent management and cloud sever maintenance.

What's your turnaround time? 

Our typical turnaround time is 24 - 48 hours for custom dashboards.

Ask away.

We're here to help.
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